Action can not be completed only on mobile

Hello. Trying to run a very basic application, created from scratch. I started having trouble when the automated signup screen would not let me add a user only on mobile, but when working on PC it works perfectly fine. I have tried changing mobile browsers (safari, chrome, OperaGX, firefox) and they all show the same screen when trying to add the user “action can not be completed”. So I made another testscreen just for capturing the email and the password. I made sure there were not similar emails and password combinations existing on the database when trying to add a new user. on this testscreen only two fields, added to the users collection (email and password) and then going to the home screen, same problem “action can not be completed”. This, again, only happens on mobile. PC/Desktop/WebBrowsers work fine. So I am thinking it is some kind of internal problem at Adalo’s scripting code side. Please Help

Ok, so I went back to the automated signupscreen and same thing… but now it won’t let me signup on web/desktop either. only on preview from within Adalo. Is something going on on Adalo’s side?


I didn’t check this issue with my apps currently but are you able to share a recording of this behaviour? Did you submitted a support ticket?

Thank you

Hello Dilon. I have uploaded three videos to this Drive folder:

  1. App behavior on Adalo Previewer
  2. App behavior on Custom Domain on PC Web Browser
  3. App behavior on Custom Domain on Mobile

The app won’t run on Custom Domain anymore…

  1. App behavior on Adalo Previewer
    JiiT AILEENN SMP EFD Ticket SignUp adalopreview.mp4 - Google Drive
  1. App behavior on Custom Domain on PC Web Browser
    JiiT AILEENN SMP EFD Ticket SignUp domain.mp4 - Google Drive
  1. App behavior on Custom Domain on Mobile
    JiiT AILEENN SMP EFD Ticket SignUp mobile.mp4 - Google Drive

Any solutions?

Please help.


Sorry for not getting back! Could you share a screenshot of the actions that attached to the Signup form?

It’s a custom domain right? Could you try refreshing the SSL certificate and try again? : WebApp on custom domain - website not secure - - #5 by axme

Thank you


the actions are:

  1. Sign Up user (default code)
  2. Link Home

sign up form

I refreshed the SSL certificate as well.
you can try it here:

What exactly does Adalo consider a “Published App”? I have not published on the Apple Store nor at the Android PlayStore… only custom web domains.

Hey @MRGN,

When I examine the console, I see the error messge “The app is not published”:

This message doesn’t sound logical - in my opinion if your app wasn’t published on a web domain, it wouldn’t be accessible. In my understanding such error may appear after new pricing plans were introduced.

Based on a quick search on the forum, this problem might happen with some accounts on free tier and could be resolved by Adalo Support. I’d suggest submitting a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

Just in case, here are the posts I’m referring to:


Thank you Victor, it was of much help. I submitted the ticket.

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