Action cannot be complete, please help I'm stuck 3days already

Hello community , I had search but I can’t find the case like mine

I do the transport service so this is about 3 collection

1.User : the user account (get some information to other collection)
2.Job-created : this is all the job information when customer submit but my system need to approve and assign the driver into next collection
3.Containerinfo : this is where I stuck , the action cannot complete when I has a button that I can the “Job-created” collection status and get data from there and create the new one but I has dropdown menu to choose driver.
in this process I get data from “Job-created” and “Dropdown menu” driver information is form “User” collection.

I try to start app fresh and clean by sharing collection from my project but it still same

Please help, I can’t sleep , Im try to almost 3 days

ps.sorry for my language that you can’t read

Hi @Zer151,

You are creating the record in the Users collection? Is it possible to share a video of your setup and preview? ( you can use loom )

Thank you

thank a lot Dilon, I saw you reply so many post. very appreciated for your help

here is the link

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I’m still not sure that the DB i had set up is a good structure or not because it has so many field same name but different collection.

I use filter for each customer,driver and admin. so i just replicate it because 1 user can has many job order and 1 job order has many container and drivers

Happy to hear that!

Can you try deleting the button and adding again and add the action again?

Update, I have fixed my issue,

I try to delete the column in collection and re-add the column its work.

So I don’t know why that collection column made the issue may be its about my language?

Special thank to Dilon very kind person

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Glad it’s fixed! I think that maybe a temporary issue. After you create the new column what language you added? English? Maybe try changing it back to your language and see if it displayed again?

Your welcome!

It’s Thai language but when I re add , I add thai column and its work fine. I hope Adalo team will make it more support language.

I know its can display my language but anyway it always remove Thai Language screen name when I copy the Screen.

for example

I have scree name Homeไทย but when I copy this screen its just name Home… Thai language lost.

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