Setting Default Status on Form Submit


I have read through a couple of different forum posts of people facing similar issues but none of the resolutions seem to help.

Issue: I am unable to set a status that connects to a created job. i.e. New Job = Awaiting Match Status.

Desired Process:

  1. Input Requested Job Details
  2. Create Job with button at bottom of form
  3. Have this job tied to a status (Awaiting Match)
  4. Adjust this jobs status at various checkpoints within app.
  5. Be able to filter a list by job statuses i.e. Active, Awaiting Match, Closed, Cancelled, etc.

Current Process (not working)

  1. Create job
  2. Create New Status (Awaiting Match)
  3. Update Job
  • Users = Add Logged In User (To tie this job to a user)
    - Hoster - Job Status (Connected Database) = New Job > Hoster - Job Status
  1. Link to another page.

My issue is with step 3 above.

Please see photos for current form organization,


Maybe an Adalo Expert could also chime in here, but if I’m not mistaken, you don’t need a separate Collection called “Job Status”. Instead, you could have a few True/False (boolean) properties in your Job Collection. When the Job is first created, you update the “Job”->Awaiting Match to True, and Job->Active = True. Later on in your app, once conditions are met, you can use click actions (or custom actions) to update the other properties in the Current Job. ie Job->Active = False, Job->Cancelled = True.

In summary, in your Job Collection, add Properties for:

Active (True/False)
Awaiting Match (True/False)
Closed (True/False)
Cancelled (True/False).

Update your Job record to toggle these properties at different points in your app. Hope this helps. Please mark this as Solved if it worked for you.

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What @tdhi said is fine, but there is an easier way of doing this.

In your Jobs collection create a text property named Job Status, then once the job is active update the property to Active then, when the Job is closed update the Job status to Closed.

Also, @Seasta1 :clap: Welcome to the Community!:clap:

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@Seasta1 Tell me if you need help or if you have any questions!

I did try the text option but was having difficulty creating a list that I could filter and organize by Status with a dropdown. I will try test out the above options again this evening and get back to you! It is really motivating to have such solid responses out of the gate.

thanks again!

Thanks for you support tdhi!

This would help with the problem of being able to set job statuses at different stages however it would get congested and confusing as I have 10 different statuses that I have to work each job through.

In addition I am not sure how I can list and filter by each type of job. I want the user to be able to clearly see what jobs are in each status and then be able to select a job for further action.

I actually second what @James_App_Maker stated about the text field in this case. As long as you want to assign the same default status on the form each time, it’s easiest to just assign the status as a text field and then filter the list by if the job status contains the word you want to sort by (how the user selects this could look several different ways - dropdown, search bar, chip list, etc.)


Hi James, Thanks for the help.

I think the text option is the way to go but I am struggling to get it to filter properly.
I am able to tie my list to a dropdown menu which has the proper statuses but it includes all of the statuses not just the unique ones. Is there an easy option to only have unique items shown? See attached.
I am sure I am just missing some simple logic but 10 hours staring at the screen will have someone doing that. Any Advice would be appreciated.

In this case it would be:

Job Status is equal to Form inputs select

Unfortunately, that does not work. The options I have are in the screenshot.

Could you take a screenshot of the filter for the Job List?

Instead of Job Status contains it is equal to selected job

So basically change the contains to is equal to

Both my list and Select Menu are set to Job Status - Is equal to - Selected Job > Job Status3

and depending on my click through when I preview site these are the values returned on the UI

Could I help you tomorrow? It’s getting late here… I’ll also create a clone able app for you tomorrow! :smile:

That would be amazing! Thanks


I finally finished the cloneable app! Please take a look. Tell me if there are any errors and I’ll be happy to fix them! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Test Account:
Password: 123

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To summarize I am making a two sided platform that pairs job does and job hosters, so the app you created will be a key piece to the job doer.

But for the user who hosts/creates the jobs, they have to be able to filter and see which of their jobs fall in each status and have the ability to click through them.

I think the summary question I am struggling with is; If on your “Home” screen you created the list of jobs with some of them active status and some of them cancelled status how would you filter that?

thanks again for the support!

This is a good call, thanks @James_App_Maker and @pfordmedia. Also I didn’t realize that your users would be doing the filtering. In my app, I show the users custom lists based on their status in my app. They can’t self select, which is why the invisible filters as properties in the collection works for me.


Hey James, Just wondering if you had a chance to take a look at adding a user-facing filter option onto your app. I realized I could make a separate screen for each status but I feel like that may be redundant.