Action cannot be completed Clicksend

Hello, I tested Clicksend on Adalo for sending SMS and it worked fine until today, it shows this error message:

What can be causing this?


Hi @Lorena,

“Action can’t be completed” can be caused by various backend errors. You can try finding details in the developer console:

  • navigate to the screen in question
  • open console (in Chrome it is View → Developer → JavaScript console)
  • try to send SMS
  • then search for errors in “Errors” section.

Just in case - do you have enough actions?


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Thank you Victor! I have done as instructed, and this appears:

(I am now testing on a different computer than usual, perhaps that could be also de the issue?, I had no trouble when testing in the past on my other computer)

Hi @Lorena,

As you can see your app sends a request to a certain collection and and Adalo backend can’t find anything based on this request. For me the query seems somewhat confusing. I’d advise that you check the actions on this button and lists on this page - do all of them work correctly?
Also it might be a good idea to recreate all the actions on some test button and see if they work correctly.


Thanks Victor! Will do as indicated.

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