External Collection API calls trigger "ACTION CANNOT BE COMPLETED"

Hi guys,

Facing another issue here and looking for some help.

I have an external collection hooked up to an API, and that worked with no problems.

Looking at the logs for the API, I can see whenever GET, POST, PUT, DELETE requests come in.

I’ve been noticing two weird behaviours:

  1. When deleting an object from the collection, the API responds with a 200 OK response, and the object is indeed deleted, but Adalo still shows a “Action cannot be completed” message.

  1. When adding a new object, Adalo sends 2 POST requests (the first succeeds, the second fails), as well as a GET (all) request. The second POST request obviously fails, as the object already exists (from the first request).

My questions are:

  1. Why does it show a warning message even when the call is successful?
  2. Why does it fire off two POST requests for a object creation?