Action cannot be completed Problem & Solution

**action cannot be completed **
FINALLY, after many searches I managed to find the problem. To solve the problem you must go to your application and in the database delete the recordings but you must take into account that you should only delete the needs otherwise you could delete settings from your application, then delete the needs and your problem will be solved. Explanation I understand that when using the free version you have limited options and having a free account limits the recordings you can have so you must constantly delete them if you use the free account

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Thanks for this post! Last Week I also discovered that storage also affect for this message appearing. And another two reasons is that Collections Permissions or if that action doesn’t makes sense.

Thanks again for mentioning this LUCAS and I changed the category of this topic to the Resources & Tutorials category!

I have already done it, I have deleted records, actions and recreated everything, I have always had a payment account for this app and the error is still there.

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