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Hi everyone, I’m making a little “tap the cookie” game here on Adalo, I know it’s not for making games, but I wanted to explore the limits, and to be honest it’s doing a pretty good job, BUT…
I’ve had some issues and maybe someone can help me,
in my game you have to tap a cookie as fast as you can in 30 seconds, as you tap the cookie ( an image that i’ve added an action to : update taps counter +1 everytime you clic, and I added a visible counter to the player,

My problems are 2,

1- the Taps counter keeps ancreasing and decreasing by “1” on the screen
2 - all the taps are not counted, I know that Adalo is slow and has an issue with that especially with fast actions, but I hope to find a way around

here’s a link to try it :Tap the cookie “Adalo game”

Here’s a picture of what it looks like

Hi @Benalihoussam,

As I can see:
(1) - everything seems to be fine, counter increases and doesn’t decrease. Most probably you had an action of “reset taps” for “Play” screen; on-screen-enter actions are executed each time when any button or other object is pressed on the screen.
(2) - this is the limitation which unfortunately couldn’t be fixed. In the native apps actions work faster though.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor , thanks for the reply,
but the decreasing problem is appearing here on my preview screen and on my phone,
here is a link to see a video capture of what is happenning : 2021-08-10_16-20-31 ,
thanks in advance

Hello ! Is nice to see that someone has tried a similar approach to me with my Car Collector Game Beta
I tried an exact “earn by clicking” mechanics like you in past, but actually is not in the game because so slow and buggy. So we tried a different logic to earn, you can see in “Earn Money” section in our game.
Actually i was building a more professional clicking strategy but timers and visibility conditions in Adalo are not blazing fast, anyway you could add some Lottie Animations to make a fake loading screen like we did

Hi @Benalihoussam,

Thanks for posting the video.

In my opinion, with the frequency you click it will not work. Adalo is not designed for that. So the problem with number of counts decreasing could be caused by 10000s of reasons starting from browser javascript interpretation ending at the PC and OS performance.

Please keep in mind, that the PWA is not a compiled app, but rather a JavaScript which is interpreted in the browser. So the overheads are quite high and you can’t really expect a game-style performance without an additional specific optimisations.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello!!! I just tried your game, it’s really cool, good job and good luck with it,
I’d like to know how you did add the download/progress bar and how you programed it to show next page after loading complete ??

Hi! I’m glad you liked our game. The “Loading” box screen is a modal with a Lottie Animation (Loading Bar) When it finishes his animation, a couple of different layout will be displayed based on visibility conditions

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