Adalo backend Database Search?

Hi Guys,

When I am logged into Adalo and go to the Admin Database records (the ones shown in RED)

Am I correct that I can only seach for the First Name Field? As if you search for any other field nothing appears?

Note: I am only talking about the Admin backend database records NOT the search facility in the actual Adalo App, which I understand works from the search parameters that I set up

So if the owner of the APP wants to search all the records in the Database for a specific fiield using the search Icon where all the records are shown I mean !. If you cant do a search of here in admin, then you have to go to the actual APP preview and search the records thereā€¦ which seems a bit odd ?

Many Thanks

Yes, the Adalo collection search function only searches the unique ID field (the first field).

If you really need a more versatile search function, consider using Airtable as the backend.

OK Eric thanks for that

Hi there,

Small note: values for 1st field are not unique (unfortunately or fortunately). There is no built-in possibility to ensure uniqueness of the values in collections; the only exception (AFAIK) is email in user collection.


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