How to search multiple column in the same collection

How to search multiple column in same collection, such as I want search by name or by designation or by contact number. Please help me

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You need to create a new text field in your collection and then have that set up as ‘[name] [designation] [contact number]’


‘John Smith Director 01234 567890’

Then you can search by that text field contains whatever your search box contains.


Thanks for your suggestion, if I create a extra field in my collection doesn’t my database become slow or consume extra memory? for example: I have thousands or millions of data in that case application performance remain same? Again thanks for your solution.

Quite possibly - I guess the best way is to try? It’s the only current way to achieve what you want to achieve with Adalo.

Thanks buddy!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Is there any documentation on this? I am having a hard time following. Currently, I have a collection that only lets me search the first column which is first name. I would love to also be able to search last name.

Hello @ldyer !

Here is the way I’m following Creating Custom Searches and Search Bars in Adalo

Hope this will help you

Thanks, I guess I leached onto the wrong thread. I am talking about the back-end within adalo. and searching more than just the primary key.

I am already doing what you suggested above on the front-end :slight_smile:

Hi @ldyer, if you’re already doing this on the front end, could you drag the search column to the top (above ‘name’) to achieve the same thing?

Guys, you might want to vote for a similar feature request here :wink:

new concatenate format property

Tks. How could I do it? I tried to add an automatic field on the record creation form, but I wasn’t able to pick up the fields on magic text.