Dear Adalo Community,

I am facing a very “weird” issue with an Adalo Chat.

My chat works perfectly well on the browser… but when i upload the APK to my phone this happens on one occasion only:

I have a page a user can access to view property details, he can then create a chat from that page by clicking on a button and linking the details to the chat. At this point, the user can chat with the property owner/user. This all works.

However, All these conversations are displayed in a list in a users inbox.

And this is when the problem arises.

At the point of creating a new conversation, or sending a new message to an existing conversation, when a user goes to the inbox to view the list or chat with another person…

The app crashes: SEE BELOW (Screen goes blank)

I close the app completely, and open it again… The messages or conversations seem to have loaded entirely and now it displays it perfectly… SEE BELOW

And now i can go into the conversations, and type messages.

As soon as i open the inbox i get that CRASH again.

This does not happen in the browser… so i am wondering, what could be making this CRASH occur?

Would really appreciate the help.

Kind regards,


I’m getting the same error when going to a new page

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Hi, is that on the browser or on a native mobile APK upload ?

native apk

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Please explain to me when your crash happens?

Is it to do with the setup of Adalo Chat?

I am really trying to debug the issue but it looks like its some Adalo inconsistency with the native apk.



actually I just deleted the page and made it again and it works now. thank you

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It did not work for me, well it did with a phone in particular but not with all my testing phones.

I had to implement a workaround and avoid using a many to many relationship and list within lists.

Great to hear it worked for you,


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