Adalo data/collection state management/marshalling isn't making any sense

… I am getting “missing data” errors all over the place which seem to have no bearing on the form I am working with. For example, I have this simple list item click action: -

… So I should see “Current Business Requirement” and “Current Product” in my ‘Edit Business Requirement’ screen available data right? Instead I see ‘Missing from’ problems on completely unrelated screens that don’t link to the Edit Business Requirement screen and do not contain the Business Requirement Collection. Why is Adalo behaving like this? Surely this isn’t expected behavior?

In the end I just deleted the offending screens. To anyone reading this, the best way to build with Adalo is build a screen and then check the related “Available Data” on the screen as you go.

… although I would still say that the way Adalo manages this state data is still not right. It is forcing data to be passed when it doesn’t need but worse than that is it’s then displaying it’s “Missing Data” messages unnecessarily. This just seems wrong to me… and as the Adalo videos suggest… a lot of new comers encounter this problem, which means that Adalo have kinda got this wrong in the data/state design in Adalo. Please update Adalo to remove this anomaly

Looks like, you have other screens which are linked to your ‘missing data’ screen. I can’t say 100 proc. that there is problem, but probably there.

Adalo definitely forces data collections to be passed unnecessarily. Rather than forcing the issue,the passing of collections in the Adalo links should be optional. I can’t see why The Adalo designers are making it mandatory to pass all of the collections on the current screen to the next screen… it’s just wrong… it should be optional per collection

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