Adalo + IFTTT Webhooks

Is Adalo compatible with IFTTT webhooks? I have tested it successfully with custom actions, but have no return in the Google Sheets data.

Thank you. Jorge

Adalo should technically be compatible with all webhooks.

Can you give some more info about the issue you are facing and include some screenshots of the setup and results?

Hi Colin,
For IFTTT do I use a webhook, or only Zapier is capable of this?

This is how I have at the moment, gives success, but in Google sheets nothing appears

Thx. Jorge

This is most likely not working due to a problem in how we send date values via custom actions. We send the values as unix timestamps and if the receiving party does not recognise it, it may fail or produce a date that is not recognised.

Thanks Colin, I will try changing to Text and then convert to date in Google sheet/Airtable.

But in terms of webhooks the setup is ok in your point of view correct? Thx

Yes the api request looks fine to me.

Ok thanks, I will try again, but with Airtable this time.

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