Adalo integration: Connect Adalo to a Backendless backend

Here’s a brand-new step-by-step guide for integrating a Backendless backend & database into an Adalo app:
Backendless can greatly bolster the capabilities of your app. It has tons of no-code features including a visual database, codeless logic builder, push notification console, and serverless hosting. It gives an Adalo app a TON of flexibility.


Thank you for this walkthrough. APIs certainly are my weakness.

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Hi Chris

Thanks for your post.
Along with your link above, can I request you to create a few short Adalo-specific video tutorials on small use-cases / apps which highlight what is possible in Backendless that is not possible in Adalo? I’ve not explored backendless and its possible many of us in Adalo community may not be aware of how to use it, so video tutorials would be very helpful.



Thank you for helping out.

Also not sure what backendless adds, that Adalo itself can’t do. Please clarify in order to decide whether to use backendless or not

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Backendless is particularly strong on the backend (makes sense, right?). They offer serverless hosting, visual database management, codeless logic builder, push notification console, and a ton of other cool stuff that makes backend development super easy.

There are a ton of video tutorials on their YouTube channel, including both and introductory course and masterclass for their UI Builder and Codeless logic system.


Thanks mrfantastic, was looking for an airtable alternative. I think here the codeless logic builder is what can give the extra flavor that Adalo does not have.

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Thanks for the tutorial. In order to get the query to work I did have to create the value “name LIKE ‘WhereClauseInput%’”

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Hi could you please show an example of exactly how you made the query to work? I tried using the exact same value you wrote but it doesn’t seem to work

After quick reading.

I get the following assumption:

  1. Sign Up and Login, use custom action
  2. Create and Update, use custom action
  3. Show List, use external collections

But the example did not show relational collection.

It is quite scary to move from internal to external, all the workarounds we build to satisfy better UI/UX can easily broken and still the efforts are multiple times compared to just using internal.

Maybe, Adalo spoil us too much that we forget the reality. :grinning: