Backendless push notifications

Hi All,

I want to use Backendless as the Mbaas for my Adalo apps, and as part of that I want to utilise the Backendless push notifications rather than Adalo’s.

Mark Pillar (founder of Backendless) told me that:

In order to receive push notifications in your “Adalo” app, the device must be

(1) registered with APNS/FCM and then
(2) subsequently with Backendless.

The first step, i.e. how to register with APNS/FCM would be a question that Adalo folks should be able to answer.

The result of (1) is a token you get from Apple/Google. The token then should be used in API call to Backendless:

Can anyone tell me how to achieve this, especially the first step?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Graham,

I’m afraid I cant help on this matter as it is something I am not familiar with and not directly related to Adalo. This may be a question better asked on the backendless forums or support.

Hello, Test with the INDIGITALL Service, it is also Free for 30000 Devices, it allows to send Push Notifications with also geo-located images, programmed among many more functions, here is the link of the documentation to install it easily: indigitall documentation-es


Hey! Please do you still use this “indigitall” service?
I clicked on the link, I see that the prices are very inviting, and there are great companies that make use of their services!
Do you have anything to add about the service?