What's the best external database to use?

I’m not sure whether to go with Coda, Airtable, or something else. I need to to connect into Zapier and am looking for a low-cost solution that is flexible with formulas. Do you all have any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi @brycevernon the easiest to use with Adalo is definitely Airtable, because its API is very accessible and well documented.

We haven’t done / see much with Coda, but from what I understand it should be doable as well.

In terms of formulas, you can do some of that in Adalo depending on what you need, but from my understanding Airtable offers quite a bit there as well.

Thanks for the response. I’m giving coda a shot since I’m more familiar with it than Airtable.

I’m curious, when using these API’s, can we expect a delay in response since not every API offers instant webhooks? Is that the major downside to using external API’s?

It’s a bit strange since the table items in Coda have column values that come through as a sub-array. Adalo only seems to pick them up when I use column names instead of column IDs.

Working through it and still have yet to be able to create a new row in a Coda table but am hopeful! If there is any documentation or anyone else using Coda it would be great to connect so please let me know :+1:t2:

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Hey @brycevernon I know this post was a while back, but I’m curious did you ever find a good way of connecting Adalo and Coda? Two of my favorite tools at the moment and if love to have them work together.

You can consider using Backendless now. Here’s a tutorial from Backendless on how to create a user sign-up flow on Adalo: https://backendless.com/how-to-integrate-adalo-with-backendless/

I personally haven’t tried to integrate the two, but I have tried Backendless and it’s pretty robust.