Adalo is not stable

Adalo, really you have a good interface for building mobile apps, but it’s not stable, whatever working at night, next day morning everything collapsed. Not saving on time, collections are very slow in loading and updating. I was bit impressed when I was using free subscription, When I try to use my linked custom domain, latest developments are not updated… I’ve a feeling to give up and lost confident using Adalo. I’m really afraid building in Adalo. I’ve spend almost 2 months to build my complex app. Available data links are sometimes active and most of the times inactive. it causing lots of issues.

Adalo has publicly stated that they are running into performance issues and are working on scaling up their infrustrucre and have hired a dev-ops specialist to help with that. I agree it is frustrating, but they are making progress.

It is very bad today in terms of “You’re Offline”.

And my app has totally broken overnight.

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Hi @TonyD, It is very bad when you are customer-facing. I have an app not working since one feature with airtable stopped working and still today “crickets” in having my issue solved. I had to tell the customer to wait (2/3 weeks already going on) and still not resolved.

It is very frustrating. Particularly when you have live customers to support.

I have a Bubble app with a fair few use, and sometimes get some very grumpy (to say the least) posts in our FB Support forum when there are platform issues.

It is a bit “chicken and egg” … without live apps and paying customers there is no real feedback. But a growing platform can be difficult at times. We have to trust that it is going in the right direction.

Some more communication would be good, however.

Hi NigelG,
I do agree with that, But paying 50$/month, and having crickets from support team is a no go, when I already provided info and videos of the issue. Especially when something was working fine. I promised an app to a customer, and now I lost this customer due to a 3 week delay. I do love where Adalo is going and seems promising, but please at least lower the price while the app does not work properly.


agreed the support is lacking at best, great app, great premise, shitty support response

I have also lost a customer due to an Adalo bug not being solved for weeks…

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