Adalo is slow and buggy right now is something going on

Hey all, I am have a lot of issues with Adalo today, I can not publish, I can not upload mp3s, I keep losing connectivity to the site and losing progress on the app. Any time I cut and paste the text into the app the format is odd and attempted to correct it cause the page to fail and I have to reload it. Please help! I am losing days of productivity.

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Having the same problem - blamed it on my computer a few times.

Perhaps the Adalo team could update us on their efforts on scalability and AWS?

Hi there!

We are aware of issues right now and have updated our status page — this is the best place to stay up to date.

A brief update: there are several calls to Zapier that are failing and causing an overall slowness. We are working on an update to stop the impact that this is having.

Thanks for your patience!

I am losing days of productivity because the site is unuseble at this point. Is adalo going to be offering users a discount do to this?

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@208G This issue has been fixed. Most zaps should be working right now.

I still can not upload mp3s, I am unable to publish, and the site is crazy slow!

I would suggest submitting a support ticket and tell them about your issues.

There’s an issue from your server side, I have a website built on WordPress converted app using Adalo and updated for the fastest WordPress hosting through the managed platform and fixed all server side errors.

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