Adalo list in list a literally not even selectable... just doesn't work!

I am literally stuck in the Adalo screen editor staring down the barrel of deleting things because Adalo doesn’t seem to work properly.

I have a list within a list within a list. The lowest level list (highlighted in the screen shot) IS NOT EVEN SELECTABLE in the screen editor? Even if I go down the component tree I can’t see it?..

So, I can’t double click multiple times to select the lowest level list and nor can I see it in the component tree. What do I do now?

so… I ended up deleting the list within list and starting again. It is now working with a 3 level list within list. Don’t create your own rectangles… let Adalo create them in your lists when you add the lists and also ensure that when you add the list in the list that it drops ONLY onto the create list card and doesn’t overlap. Then you can click into it (by continuously double clicking and to get to the lowest level list. [Adalo designers… this workflow is long winded…having to double click multiple times to get to the lowest level list content. Why not just have a component tree that is always available… much quicker and a better workflow]

If you simply tap on a screen to highlight it, it gives you the component tree that you’re asking for.

Thanks… but I just keep running into problems with the Adalo screen editor workflow. For example I create a custom list for a collection, then I do most simple thing in Adalo that you do on a custom list… drag on a textfield to display a collection field and the the textfield literally jumps off the collection!! Also on another list on another screen I click on the textfield and it jumps down 50 px all by itself. I am now at the point of abandoning Adalo because I keep running into these silly problems in the editing worklfow.

Yep… given up on Adalo… the screen editor is far too buggy… just wasting my time here. Moving on

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