Adalo logical features that would make it better

How does this work?
Each ship needs a VALID license before you should be able to pick it. Since every ship can have multiple licenses (a license only lasts a certain time before you buy a new one) I want to check if it has a valid license.

Problem is, I can’t filter the licenses, I can only get the SUM of licenses.

Why is this not possible and will be possible soon? (please)

I think I can fix it, but that wouldn’t be as logical as it should be. And I don’t want my app to be a mess of workarounds, in the end it will all brake down at one point.

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So now I have to make the dropdown consist of licenses and another problem appears, as a tittle I can’t select related field:((((

So now I have to work around this by making a field in the license collection called (Shipname).

Again, workaround is possible, but to many of this and the app will not be debugable.

I think these two features are very logical to have and it would allow a lot of new things. (Like we should have For, While loops etc, which would basically add everything you would ever need in Adalo on the logic side)

I am very happy with Adalo, don’t get me wrong!! But I would love it if they finished the logical side of the apps with these t three features, it would be such a relief!


Hi @DylanS ,

I am in the same boat, I think we all are.

Once I realize that to access any collection through list, oh man, my screen are full of list, mostly custom list, but few from button or text.

It depends on use cases, try put variables in user’s collection and use them as steps to achieve final variable that can be used in filter, visible or conditional.

Also, another trick is to add processing screen which act as interim that can have list to push and link to other screen.

Maybe these workarounds that put performance degrades.

Another thing, context menu needs an update, there is no need for unlimited menu.

But, I think they are working in the right direction, but need more motivation, fundraising perhaps. :grinning:


I really hope they are working on it. It’s been quiet for a while now apart from the new Fonts.
They have a team of 6 I believe right now, so should be good.

I choose Adalo, because I see it has so much potential. The layout is well thought out and ready for more features, they fit right in, but they have to come at some point. At this rate it’s going to be years before these few features are implemented.

Even tho Adalo misses these huge features it still made it possible for me to develop an app, which wasn’t possible without Adalo. The silence around Adalo does worry my tho.


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