Database Collections Not Working

I have a simple app for creating box and simple long labels, it works in almost a year but unfortunately last night it stop working completely.

i have tried checking in the editor side to see any problems but it seems like the problems is with the adalo itself, i have not receive any response yet regarding the issue as of posting.

As far as i know the app works fine with no issues before and in the editor side everything is normal (no problems with config) before this issue and i hope adalo staff can help me resolve the issue

This is an original clone of the app where the same issue exist:

Database Collections:

Sample settings (when adding header and label information)

forgot to tell the issue in specific.

anything that needs to be modify, add or delete in database is not working, i can add manually in the editor side but in the client / web version of the app, i can’t modify, add or delete anything

Check your admin settings within the editor (usage and billing I believe), you probably ran out of monthly actions. Are you on the free plan?

yes im currently in free plan, so they have limits in monthly actions? where can I find the guidelines regarding the monthly actions? thank you for your response.

Yes, they just implemented the limitations today

Pricing and plan details - Plans & Pricing | Adalo

And here’s a breakdown of what counts as an action

yup found it, i am actually not aware but as far as i know i have not yet reach 3,000 actions, i only use the app for creating labels… my average usage will be atleast 10 actions, not sure if they count delete and modify? but anyway i think i got limited with free account.

thank you for your reply i got the info that i needed, i think its time to create pdf form templates for my labels from now on! cheers! :philippines:

They count virtually everything as an action now, including deletes and modifies, all the way to screen views.

You’re welcome. Sorry it wasn’t better news.

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