Adalo only or Adalo+Xano for a 100k - 1M users App?

Hi all, Suggest me the best option. I was trying to get an idea reading all the forum discussions but couldn’t come to a conclusion and thought of getting some opinion based on your experience which will help me in taking a decision.

I am planning to build a collaboration kind of app which is
->Mostly text based except for profile pic apart from pics that will be installed along with the app.
→ Users would be able to add some team members. So, there will a follow/friend/like options
→ Users are going to use it only as a journal or note taking app and so concurrent users are going to be less and users usage time per day could be around 5-10 mins/user/day max.

So, based on the above App detail, would you suggest me to
**1. Stick completely with Adalo internal collections or **
**2. Have the backend (users & all collections) completely with Xano or **
3. Have users collection in Adalo and other collections in Xano? (Does the social auth from Xano works with Adalo?)

Which would give better experience for the App users in the long term when users count increases?

In the future, if the app gets around 100k or 1 million users I dont want to end up with the App lagging and not have any option to switch to another backend as, there will be problem with migrating users collection I believe and if then users collection in Adalo and other collections in Xano should not break other app logic or make it not possible.

As we all build apps with the expectation that it will get lot of users in the future, I want to make sure that I am not going to do redo everything because of some wrong choice or end up app users uninstalling the app everytime and never reach that target.

Hi @Pradeep ,

My tendency in reading your sentiment is to have a go with Xano, because it will satisfy your curiosity. And if still does not live to user’s expectancy, you have tried the better combination available within reach.

But I would like to mention about MVP again that might save our easily-drained resources.

As soon as you get market or product fit and repeatable customers, chances are networking opportunity start kicking and you will be opened to more funding offers.

If the fund is big enough, go with code solution, nothing beats their performance and flexibility, unique features and so on, you can be first mover in that industry and put all the tech jargons available as extensions to the app.

But if you are still bootstrapping and get hit by false alarm of market product fit, Adalo only can save more troubles when it happened, as you can do pivot instantly.

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Yes. Thats right. Being a bootstrapper i am evaluating the ‘what if it failed’ situation as well and considering the plan B for that as well.
Just to know, does the social auth from Xeno works with Adalo now as I noticed few posts which are an year old now mentioning that Social authentication doesn’t work as ‘Adalo External users’ was in Beta and that only email registrations would work. But couldn’t find any info about the current status.

Does the Adalo external users with Xeno would allow Social authentication as well now?