Adalo, password is required only once


It is possible to protect certaint data with a password. You add an input box and hide the next button, which is only sometimes visible, so it only appears when the right password is inputed. But if a user views this data and closes the app, the password is required again. How can Adalo remember that the user inputed the right password and not ask again each time when the app is reloaded?

Thankyou for your help!

Hello, you can add a condition to the button instead of hiding it to trigger the action only if the password is correct. In order to make the app remember the password (If not talking about login), you can add a (True/False) property on the users collection and call it (Remember password), and add a toggle underneath the input. Then you can add a liking action to the screen to immediately link the user if this toggle was checked before.

Thank you!