Button Visibility Question

Question about ‘Button Visibility’. I want to create a Password WITHOUT requiring User Sign Up and Login. A simple workaround for this is to Create a Button that is 'Sometimes Visible / Input Equal To / xyz.

So that button will only appear if the Text Input is ‘xyz’. Simple enough.

I’m worried about security though. Can people who operate the Adalo Servers easily see the ‘xyz’ password? If the answer is ‘yes’…do you know of any other way to do this. I don’t want to require people to Signup and/or Login…thanks in advance. Sin cerely, Dennis Mahon/Charlotte, NC

Hi @dennismahon ,

As far as my experiment,

Only password property in a user’s collection that is hashed before storing, that is why we cannot check or read its content.

If we use text property in user’s collection or other collection as password storage, obviously anyone can see it in console.

So the only way to have hashed password is through login process using Adalo’s way.

But, if you want your own login process, without email or without username, then you have to read and check and it will be in text property, so no hashed password served.


Hi Dennis,

I don’t think this is possible without creating a very complex workflow, because you’ll need unique IDs for each of the user’s emails (they don’t have to be real emails, but you can’t have duplicates).

If you share your use case, I’m sure there’s another way to do this, like creating the user accounts ahead of time, assigning a passcode, then they can log in without the user name.

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