Adalo Rate Limit

Is the rate limit for external queries documented anywhere or is there a way of changing it?

We’ve ended up in a very messy situation which has been workaround after workaround with Adalo.
The long story is that we are using a 3rd party payment web ui to process some payments. The web UI once processed will run a Zapier process which creates our customer payment record… However, as Adalo does not expose element ID’s to Zapier, we cannot update our order to have the correct payment record.

This therefore means we have to use a 3rd servleress solution to poll our data records to essentially link our order to our payment. But due to Zapier being slow, we have to poll the database every 10 seconds to see if the receipt has finished being created (we limit this to 10 calls before we give up).

Alternately, is there a way to expose element ID’s to Zapier?

There are a few workarounds to get element IDs. Search through the forum for more posts, but here’s the most recent: