Deleted Files (link) still active after being remove in database collection

hello fellow adalo users, moderators and help support.

i would like to relay this issue regarding your file / photo delete options related to databases.

when i delete an entry or item in my collections i noticed that the link from that specific file is still active, at 1st i thought this was normal and after a few hours it will be deleted.

but to my surprise, after a week of deleting the said database entry link from the file is still active i tried bookmarking the file and opening the link each day to check if it will be delete but its already been a week and the link from adalo-uploads.imgix was still accessible.

i am building an app for a logistics startup and when deployed will definity get a lot of uploads like signatures, gps location images and hard copy - scanned forms.

im worried that this might affect my storage capacity, im planning to back up the uploaded files in adalo atleast every week to make sure that i will not gonna get past my qouta (data limit).

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