Adalo vs competition

Hello all,

I wanted to start a discussion about what I can see on the No-Code Market.
Several companies have started popping up to give us the opportunity to finally make our ideas live.

Before I started using Adalo, I have used several other tools. One of them being BravoStudio.

The reason I picked Adalo, is mostly because of the flexibility and ease of use it offers. The learning curve isn’t as discouraging as tools like Bubble, and we can make pretty decent apps.

I have been working on my MVP for a few weeks and as I go, I just keep feeling that some features are missing, some basic, such as having multiple conditional statement, or required fields on a custom list, or even event actions. Maybe those are complex to solve, if it’s the case. I apology.
Or some advanced features, that we need to think about if our app scales such as, versioning, Géolocalisation, or multiple database connection.

Two things that keeps me on Adalo as of today, is the ability to build in webapp. Not great because of the layout but does the job.
And the Stripe Connect component.

Now, I believe it is just a matter of time for some companies to accelerate things, if we take the new BravoStudio 3.0 release… this seems fantastic. In my opinion, they have taken a huge step ahead of the competition.

Now, you might tell me that they only offer Native app BUT their higher price plan is $50 per month, and that would make me save $150 per month compared to the higher price point from Adalo. With that money I can go to a Softr and make a combination of both App for the Adalo Monthly Price and have a perfect Webapp and Native app solution. (In my case they’re not for the same users).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Adalo is a very nice tool, although I thought that BravoStudio was differentiating themselves based on UI rather than features, they proved me wrong last week.

I can sense a little bit of a frustration from Adalo users when I am on the forum, and I think we just don’t have a lot of exciting news coming since the announcement of the money they have raised. Associated to some feature request that have a huge amount of votes, and are barely answered by their staff.

It seems a little rude to Adalo, but the goal of this discussion is mostly to help them gather feedback on the community.

So please, this is an open discussion. Feel free to participate and share your thoughts.


Hi @Kevindcz ,

I propose comparison long ago.

But I can chime in here as well.

It is time consuming to try each no code platforms as they have their own weaknesses after we know them for awhile, not immediately, as you can experience here.

At that thread it was compared with low code too, but it seems no code people are very different than low code people, so mixing them is not relevant.

So for me, by complexity, no code platforms are Bubble, Adalo and Glide, but closely related are Bubble and Adalo, my take is if you are comfortable with Adalo, Bubble is not too difficult, they only use different terms, so the concept of the logic are still interchangeable.

I prefer to focus on the functionality rather than design, this is an app that users are interacting not just viewing.


Not used Bravo Studio, but looking at the pricing I would say you can’t release a serious project on Bravo’s Middle Tier, due to the Bravo logo branding. On the other handle, Adalo’s Pro Plan at $50 is perfectly viable for MVP.

Not saying Bravo doesn’t look cool, but the price comparison isn’t a direct comparison - I think many MVPs are using Adalo’s Pro Plan, not the business plan.