This is really exciting... Well Done Adalo!

Very exciting times for Adalo and creators… I started using Adalo in December, and the number of improvements since then has been amazing! What will $8m in investment do… Good luck Adalo, I look forward to seeing your platform grow!

I can fully relate to the article… I started to learn to code several times, only to feel like i’d be quicker paying a developer, which I have done for nearly 10 years… now in the time I draw up a scheme to show a client I have the bones of the app built on Adalo. Truly makes you feel like you can create anything :slight_smile:


Well said - totally agree. Adalo will be the ‘webflow’ for native apps / PWA’s. Can’t wait to see what’s next (responsive and tablet views I hope!)


This is awesome indeed! Really excited to see Adalo growing so quickly, and seeing what the expanding team brings to the product.


Congrats on Adalo, really looking forward to this, just went through the email and the hint “responsive web apps” is a great path, as it is much needed to use Adalo as a multi-platform business application and not recur to external platforms. Kudos and looking for a bright future.


Congrats to the Adalo team! This is fantastic news.
You guys are doing an amazing job at unleashing the potential of so many creators out there. Thank you for doing this.

PS: How can we participate in the next round? I truly believe in what you are building and in the team’s ability to actually do it… And we the early adopters would love to contribute to your success.

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