Adalo xano api endpoint

You have to do it one by one.

The quicker way is to create them when you create the table. Xano makes all of them automatically in that case.

I’ve done them one by one, but after I try the results are still the same


Does your GET all endpoint return any records when you test from Xano?

Is data a reserved word?

Is authentication turned on? Turn it off for sync then turn on again.


I don’t know, is there a reference to which words are protected?

in which section for authentication?

Hey @Agung
I saw your endpoints have the :unlock:open padlock. So they do not require authentication.

There are reserved words in Adalo but they are not published. :worried:

I’ll have a closer look when I’m back at my machine.

I just tried with data of only 1000 records, and it worked, but after I added up to 500 thousand more records the error occurred again

Is paging enabled on your endpoint? It should be with 500k records

Where can I activate the page on the endpoint?

is it here?

I’ve come here, what do you think is wrong, is there anything I missed?

In adalo you need to specify the key to the results. In your case “items”.

how to determine the key?

It’s in the documentation, the link I provided. I’m sorry I can’t take you through it step by step.

The last time. For good karma

thank you @Rozza

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hi rozza based on this video Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
I want to add a table relationship automatically. If I have created a page function, can I not add other functions?
I have tried on other tables, everything works