Xano Single API Endpoint Collection

How do I import Xano Api Endpoints that don’t need all 5 get all, get, create, update, delete?

Example: Say I have a Places table, but I don’t want to GET all places or a single placed based on Place id.

Rather, I want to get Places that are in a certain country.

I have Xano endpoints for this, but Adalo isn’t letting me import them without having the full get all, get, create, update, delete… When I only have a single endpoint for this scenario.

How do I solve for this?

Hi @SlamDuncan,
Adalo is compatible with XANO in developing the filters. You do need to make a setup change in your XANO database:

  1. Create your country filter (In my example, I used name

  1. Then in the “Query all records from places” you need to configure the “custom query” and create the filter, your case “Country”, my example “name”.


  1. Finally you can run the query with empty values and it will return all results to run the setup in ADALO

  2. In the Frontend with the filters, you can then configure the proper countries to be filtered with.


@JL_LJ thanks for taking the time. I think I miscommunicated my question. A lot of my endpoints don’t need the full: get all, get, create, update, delete variations required by Adalo. I just need one endpoint imported to Adalo for a specific purpose.

Here is a quick loom video I made explaining: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Not following why you would care having the other endpoints there? As you can see they follow a {{id}} approach, that does not mean it is the same in XANO, just the way ADALO organizes the CRUD endpoints.

They are not going to be used anyway if you don’t create actions/lists.