AWS Servers - Adalo


I read on an old performance update that Adalo was switching to AWS, I am wondering if this has been completed yet?

If not, is it worth starting with Xano as a backend or starting with Adalo and then switching to Xano for scaleability? Would I risk losing relationships if I switched to Xano?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SJAscott23 ,
Depends on the complexity you need for your app. For more complex, I would say XANO is the way to go.

If you use Adalo then XANO, you will have to move your relationships to XANO as they are differently built (Or can be) and once data moves, so will the ID of the records in XANO, this is not an easy task.

Hi, thanks for your response, it’s not an overly complex app, I am making a social marketplace, similar to Instagram (home feed, search page, profile)

I would stick with Adalo if they use AWS but I will keep all options open

Keep all options open for a few days at least and then crack on with finishing the app