Add family members under one primary user account?

My company is a club, which people can join and gain access to services.

The primary members’ family members can also use the services, but everything is recorded under that primary member’s account. So, while there may be 3 or more family members (each with their own login) using the app, their access to services will all be linked to the primary member account. For example, the primary member will be liable for any damages, late fees, etc, incurred by his/her family members.

So, two questions:

First, what’s the best way to set up my users collection to manage this? I’m thinking I should have a separate collection called “Family Members” with a relationship to the main Users collection.

Second, I want to keep the whole family under one account, but I also want to record which family member used which service. For example, which family member borrowed a tool, or which family member incurred a late fee. How do I do this?

As always, I’d appreciate any suggestions.

@Flawless, I’m tagging you because I saw this from you in reply to another unrelated topic. Looks like you have used a “family member” setup before:

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