Multiple Profiles

I am trying to create an app where each user has one Primary / Parent account to log into the app with, as well as register their own business(s), and introduce themselves to other businesses with as a potential team member.

When the user registers a business or joins another business, they will then create a professional profile for that business that is separate from their primary / parent account. This information will then be used in the companies directory and shared with clients of that company, etc.

This may seem like a bit much, or even somewhat stupid if you don’t know the industry… in this industry it is not unheard of or even uncommon for someone to work for, or subcontract their services to multiple companies at the same time. It is also not uncommon for one person to own more than one business in the same industry, each with different specialties.

The problem that I am running into is this:
I currently have a collection for “Businesses” and another for “Team Members”. I have it set up as “A business can have multiple team members, but a team member can only have one business.”. I am trying to set the side menu up so the “Current Businesses” “Current Team Member” is where the profile information pulls from, but I can’t make this work.

Thanks for your time, and sorry if this is confusing. I will gladly reply to any questions as quickly as possible!

Hi John @John.Nope,

I assume that you also need to have a relation between Team Members and Users, so that one User can have several Team Members records, but each Team Member record belongs only to one User.

Then you can build something like this:

  • a screen with a list of businesses
  • next screen with Current Business, and you’ll have a list of Team Members there
  • in the list of Team Members you can display user info for this Team Member, as there will be only one User for each Team Member,

Hope this makes things a bit clearer.


Hi @Victor,
I appreciate the input. I think I replied to you by email before. I was overly tired at that point and replying from my cell phone.

I will go ahead and create a relationship between “users” and “Team Members”. This makes sense to connect the user account to the business as a team member. I would still like the ability to have the user select a business from their list and the app automatically know which Team Member account that’s to the app based on the logged in user since they can only have one account with the business. It just seems redundant, and creates a poor UX to have to select the Team Member account as well.

Is it even possible here?

Hi @John.Nope,

No, I haven’t seen any of your replies besides this one.

Maybe you could elaborate a bit more what functionality would you like to have for a user?

E.g. if you’d like to allow user to switch between businesses - then you could have another direct relationship “User” - “Business” (one business can have many users, but each user belongs only to one business). Call this relationship “My Actual Business”.

Then you can set this relationship at some app screen (e.g. “Switch Businesses”). You’ll will have a list of businesses there, filtered by Logged-in User - Team Members - Businesses - All.
And then you will use this “My Actual Business” relationship to display all info about the business which is set as “current” for a user at this moment.


I really appreciate your help. For better understanding, this app will be exclusively for the Construction Industry and there will be 3 primary “User Types”; Contractors, Suppliers, and Clients.

Each app user will have one primary account that allows them to log into the app, create / register as many businesses as they’d like, and join as many existing businesses as a “Team Member” as they’d like. For the purpose of understanding, consider this a directory at this point.

Think of the profile for the primary account as a way to introduce yourself to an existing company like this were a job listing app, like indeed or LinkedIn. When you apply, they see that profile, but it’s not what is shared in the company directory when they hire you. Your profile image might have you wearing a company uniform, your company cell would be listed instead of your personal cell, etc. The only other time your primary profile would be shared is when you’re an individual client (homeowners).

A next step in the process will be to have a business join / connect with another business. Some examples of this would be:

A “Contractor” connects with another Contracting business as a “Subcontractor”, or vice versa.

A “Contractor” connects with a “Supplier” as a customer.

A “Client Company” connects with a “Contractor” as a client.

I hope this is making sense…