Multiple users per account

Ive been racking my head around this for a while and I cant seem to figure anything out (if its at all possible) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Ive built a studio app…

-A teacher has an account with however many classrooms they need. They can send students in their class’s assignments to complete.

-A Student has an account and can join a teachers class. They can view assignments based on the class they choose from their dashboard (if they are in more than 1).

Let’s say I have a family that needs their children (more than one) to have their own account but not want to create multiple different logins.

Can I have a user set up multiple accounts (within their account) and swap through them within their account?

Hi @Jacob_Lange,

It is not possible for one account to have two users but why not rethink your data structure? user types can be teachers and families instead of students.

Each family(user) can add as many children(another dataset) to their account as they need; this way each family has a single login that leads to a screen with all their children. Each child can use this same login to access their own classes.

Teachers can still add students(children) to their classes but the datatype will be children instead of users.

A parent can set a password so that kids can only access their own classes instead of their siblings’.


@Hanan ahh okay, that makes so much sense! I have been using “Join table” type collections to avoid many to many relationships.

I assume I can do this same thing for a user that chooses a true/false “family” and allow them to create a Join Table for each their Children. Then within that join table I can add the class and any assignments the teacher adds. Am I looking at this the right way?

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if I understand your intention correctly then yes, definitely.

But with slightly better UX; if all families need to see all their kids classes table on one screen(no need to split them to separate screens, I mean) , then no need to add a checkbox for family. The table will display all class data for this user(family) children, be it one or 10 kids. Same interface with less work on the user side.

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