Add manual data to screen from external collections

I am trying to add manual data to a screen using my external collection from Airtable. I can see all collections within Adalo but no external ones, is there a limitation here??

@anon78309838 can you clarify? Thanks

I’m not sure what your desired outcome is here so it is hard for me to provide some accurate advice. Can you share some screenshots of how you have set it up and detail what exactly you are trying to achieve?


  1. I have a product categories on page 1 from Airtable
  2. I have products on page 2, filterByFormula based on categories from page 1
  3. I want to add slider component on this page to narrow down on the products based on price - I can’t do this because the products data is not available for this page.

How can I fix this?

@Victor any suggestions here?

Hi @bhanu,

If I understood you correctly: you have a screen with a list of products (any list could be used - custom, simple, …). This list is already filtered by Category (so you have something like a dropdown on a previous screen which selects a category).
And you would like to add the Slider component, so that you could adjust the max (or min) price, and have an additional filter in this list based on slider value.

So, if my understanding above is correct: there is no direct way to link Slider and the filter in the list. However, you can do it with the “Proxy” property in Users collection:

  • you create some numeric property in Users collection, call it “TMPPriceFilter”
  • you attach Slider component to this property (“What property does this adjuts” = “Logged In User -> TMPPriceFilter”)
  • you set an additional filter for your list using this property.

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor

Screen 1: Categories from Airtable (categories table)

Screen 2 (click on one of the categories): Products from Airtable (Products Table) - filterByFormula: Category = ‘Categories Table>Category Name’

Now on screen 2 I want to put a slider to narrow down on specific price range of these products.

And I am not forcing user to login until it’s checkout time, so I don’t have a logged in user to create a property at user level.

I hope this information will be helpful to suggest a way forward :slight_smile:

thank you,

Hi @bhanu,

If you don’t have any logged-in user, then there is no easy solution which involves the Slider component.
How Slider works: it adjusts value of some property in some collection record. So no way to use hidden Input.

In your case: this property should be session-specific - for each session Slider should adjust its own property value. So you can’t use any properties in Products or other collections - as they will be changed app-wide.

Workarounds are:

  • create a session mechanism to simulate user login (I tried that - long and cumbersome)
  • make the user log in before choosing (easiest way but users may be unhappy)
  • use other components than slider
  • use a “pseudo-login” mechanism, i.e. pseudo-users are created each time, and then may be converted to real users (I did this and there is my video somewhere explaining it. Also quite cumbersome).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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