Add objective to employees of department

Since the multi-select dropdown list within the forms is not available yet in Adalo, here is a simple thing I’m trying to do but have been struggling with for the past hour without result:

I’m trying through a form, to create an objective for a department, BUT, I automatically assign that objective to all the users that are part of the department I select in the form.

All collections set up, yet I’m not getting an option to do that on any screen, confused please help.

Hi @Senuoy

2 ways you could approach this.

1- Countdown timer with a list of Users(Department). Wouldn’t suggest this as a robust solution (see forums) but for an MVP or very low use (5-10 records) it might suffice.

2- Adalo Collections API call. More robust but requires a higher tier paid plan and 3rd party to get the user_ID’s. At the heart of it you can pass an array of user id’s and add overwrite the existing.

So… an API call to get users of that department, then API call to update your Obejective collection.
{"assigned_users": [4,10,15,25]}

This would overwrite any existing assigned users and add users 4,10,15 & 25

To clear the field
{"assigned_users": []}

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appreciate it but this is complicated, I m sure something can be done using the basic functions of Adalo and actions, i m just not sure why I m not getting the fields that need updating despite what I think a good setup of the relationship between collections, may be something is missing, @theadaloguy Nathan, you always have a straightforward and efficient way of doing things, would love your input on this.

Much appreciated.

I don’t know your full setup, but if the objective applies to all users in a department, does it need to be assigned to each user individually? Surely you can display to the user their department objectives instead?

Also instead of multi select dropdown, I use lists to assign relationships in a similar manner, but use visibility to indicate selected items like the below video. This can’t be within a form of course.

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Complicated yes, but your goal is not possible in Adalo ‘out the box’.

When you have an Action to send a notification, you get to split groups of users based on relationships and add them ‘all’.

You can’t do that in Add / Update actions. So if you want to ‘add all’ at once, you need to go with the complications I’m afraid.

Otherwise your are ticking multiple users in a list to assign them. I’ve done it all 3 ways. None of them seem optimal but that’s what you get to in the end with Adalo.

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