Adding a Relationship attribute in a List


This time I have a Collection linked to another Collection (N:1) and I want to add the Category attribute in the parent collection. I am using a Custom List so I can add as many components as I need but I cant find a way to add my linked Category colum.

This my parent Collection definition


This is the data I have in my Collection already

And this is my Custom List component definition, where I am trying to bind the Catetory column, but I cannot see it.


Is this possible ?



Hi @marcio,

You should see a section called Categoria once you try to add a property from Current Lancamento’s!

So it should be visible below the updated date property!

Thank you

Hello @dilon_perera

Thank you for the reply

I cannot find what you’ve suggested. The nm_categoria property you see below is another one I’ve been playing with. Not the Categoria I need to show in the List.

Any idea ?

Thank you,


Hey @marcio,

Now what you have to do is add Categroia’s > nm_categoria!

Explained it here : Show Category Example.mp4 on Vimeo

Thank you

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Hello @dilon_perera a Big Thank you for taking the time to record a video with your explanation. It made it very clear. Thank you !

Yes, I wasn’t understanding how nm_categoria would bind automatically, but now I got it and it is working as you suggested.

In time, I am sorry for the all dummy questions around simple things… I’ve just started with Adalo a couple days ago. It is incrediblely simple and easy to go with.

Best Regards,


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