Event App: Invite Attendees (users) to app


I’m building an events app. As a user is creating an event, is it possible to add a list of attendees (name, email) to the event and invite them to the app?

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Thought I would share Mitchell’s suggestion here:

I accomplished something similar via an invite system.

  • Create a new collection called UserInvites
  • Mirror the fields available in the Users collection as close as possible
  • Create an invite form linked to userinvites for inviting new users
  • Form action creates a new record
  • Zapier -> When new record is created in UserInvites collection -> then -> Create new record in the User collection using the data carried from the new UserInvite .
  • Zapier - > in the same zap, trigger an email to send to the new user containing link to the password reset page

A bit of a hack but it works. Also added an Invitor field to the UserInvites collection so I can track who sent the invite and added a separate UserInviteRemind collection linked to UserInvites which allows me to dynamically extrapolate a count of how many times an invitation has been sent as well. This last part isn’t really necessary


For clarity here, if the OP did this, the newly invited users would have the same access as the original user (user that invited)?

Therefore, the invited users would also be able to add events and presumably edit/delete them too.

If that’s the case, is there a way to give these new users different permissions eg. to just view an event?

Because the new users are their own user record, what they have access to depends on what data is associated with their record, and whether that affects what components or list data is shown on the app’s screens.