Admin Dashboards in Adalo

I am looking to create an Admin Dashboard in Adalo to display reports like
users, orders, total sales etc and grant possibilities of making updates to collections. See image below

Is it possible? I cannot get all the fields from my order items collection which i want to use to display here.

And what is the question? If it is possible?
Yes, but for gradient backgrounds I suggest you use pictures.

For the Orders status, you can use lists and the summaries on top, you can use Counts/sums calculated from your collection.

Bear in mind that Adalo PWA is not responsive, so you might need to build also the mobile version of this.

Can you explain what is your want in the admin panel?

Is there a template around in Adalo for an Admin Dashboard or any dashboard?
I tried from scratch building something like below but I wish Adalo had more resources and guidance on this. I am having a problem reading or displaying All Order Items collection and also filtering them with an input form.

I never seen any Adalo templates for this, you could tell me what you need help with, I will help!

Hi @EatAfro,
For filtering, are you using ADALO DB or an External DB?

@JL_LJ , I am using Adalo Collections that I created in my DB and populated.

Alright, and what type of filter do you want to apply? Based in loggedin user or based or any other condition, can you show how you filtered?

@JL_LJ ,
So I am filtering my order items table with the following

  • Order_Status(in process, pending_pmt, Paid)
  • User email

The thing is when these filters are empty no data is displayed. I wanted it to initially display by default all the data.

So when you open the page: All the input filters by default will be empty
There i want the table to show all values
Now when you select the input filters for Order Status , it should reduce the table
when you select additional filter for USer, it will reduce table to that user

I assume the user email is the dropdown for the “Investor”, but is the filter for Order status predefined? or is another selector?

No i actually made a collection to define its choices:
-In Process: for orders that have not been completed
-PENDING: Orders completed but not Paid
-PAID: Orders completed and payment received

Actually it works now when those Input selectors have values right.
But if there are no values like in the default stage, how can I make the table to be updated to dispaly the whole table unfiltered since that is what it means.