Admin to user chat

How do I create a chat where user can message the admin and admin can message users…
After creating the admin dashboard, what’s next??

The super simpler way , if the admin is you just use CRISP in the webview component.

The most difficult way, you need to create a collection of messages where the receiver is always you (your login e-mail in that APP) but the sender can Change.

I hear crisp doesn’t work on ios

In the webview?

If not you Will need a collection of messages.

Does it work with iOS devices??

In the native IOS i don’t no but in the browser yes for sure. I can t see why not

Hi @Presh ,

This post is showing example of that,

There would need to have an assigned user as chat admin and using users collection as conversation collection, other related collections such as read status and messages should be linked to users collection (as conversation).

I have done this both ways. I use Crisp chat on my marketplace and I have also created a template for “User-to-admin” chat. See here:

I have set up the user-to-admin chat for a few client apps as well.

@Presh both options work on iOS.

If you want to build it in Adalo, keep this in mind: You, as an admin, need a screen to contain the list of conversations and a screen to contain the list of messages for the conversations. Your regular app users do not need access to a list of conversations, they need a button that takes them to their specific conversation.

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