🔥 New Templar Design Template: User-To-Admin Chat

Looking for a way to create a support chat for your app?

We know the feeling! That’s why we’ve created the User-to-Admin Chat Template. This template allows your app users to create conversations with your app’s admins, so they can get help and support right when they need it. It’s a quick and easy way to set up a support chat system in your app.

With this template, you can provide your users with an easy way to contact your team’s admins for help and support. They’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to get assistance without having to leave your app. Plus, you’ll love the ease of use and quick setup time!

Use this template in Adalo today and start providing your users with support chat!

Demo Video Coming Soon

User-to-Admin Chat Template Includes:

  • 18 total screens
  • 1 Admin conversations screen
  • 16 customer-facing screens
  • Uses hidden inputs off-screen
  • Load previous messages button (only display X number of messages)
  • Send text, photo, video, audio, and location messages
  • User profile editing including password+confirmation
  • Users can only create 1 conversation with admins
  • No paid marketplace components required

Now available on the Templar Design website!

:warning: IMPORTANT :warning:
All of my templates are guaranteed to function properly. If you experience any issues with any of my templates, reach out to me and I’ll provide support. I believe in my products and I want you to be happy with your purchase.

(Support does not include customization. Support includes troubleshooting and fixing any issues that you may have with my templates)

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Not available yet??

It’s available right there.

If you’re seeing something different @Presh, please let me know lol

@Presh its at https://shop.templar.design/

Ok, I’d check it out tho… I used the crisp.chat,but I don’t really know how it works, like how do I get messages from my users, and do I need any logic on the icon button I linked to the crisp chat screen??

First, yes, you can get messages from users.

Second, just link the button to the chat screen.

Ok, Tnk u

So I’d be getting the messages on my crisp chat account right??


But I’m getting suggestions that it does not work for ios…from @Rozza… Have u tried it before

Can you 2 continue this conversation on the relevant thread? @Presh & @firozkhanuk1214_01

Please and thank you.

Ok bro… Sorry for inconvenience… I checked the template now… But can you tell me how to custom get it done on adalo

I spent several hours crafting this template. There are a lot of really cool features here that you can study when you purchase the template.

I can create a course for this but it won’t be free. Alternatively, you can book a mentoring session with me and I’ll teach you how to build this one-on-one over a Zoom call.

@Presh Just letting you know it costs $100 (for the mentoring session, not the template)

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$100 per hour for mentoring sessions :man_mage:

59 5-star reviews to date with a flawless reputation (pun-intended)

Can’t afford the session pay bro… Still i need help, if you can help me out, I’d appreciate .

The template is only $29 and it can teach you exactly how to set it up by simply studying it.

If you can’t afford the template or a mentoring session at this time, no worries at all. I’ll be here when you can afford it! :star_struck: