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Good day community, I want add a chat to my app, but not for users to chat with each other… I want users to only be able to chat with just me/the admin and owner of the app… How do I achieve this please…

Hi @Presh,

You can use something like Crisp for this! : Adalo Fast live chat tutorial using for FREE - YouTube ( Made by @theadaloguy )

If you want a custom one you can create a new screen and just build the same chat setup. And in your Home Tab bar you can add a new tab and link that to that screen.

Thank you

7So In a custom one, how would I get the messages when a user sends a message

It would be same like the chat system. I couldn’t show you a visual due to a issue here and tagging some makers @Flawless , @axme , @charleshope , @Yongki ( I’m sorry guys for tagging you’ll and if I disturbed you’ll ) and others that will help you here! I’m sorry for this!

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To receive a notification, when the user sends the message, you include an action to send a notification to you.

Have you checked Adalo’s documentation? They have an article for notifications.

I think some people have push notifications enabled on this forum :joy:

Feel free to reach out to me for a mentoring session for this one as it’s quite a bit to explain.

It’s similar to user-to-user chat but just needs to be switched up to only allow users to create 1 conversation and load the conversation whenever the user returns to the conversation screen.

Then, you have a list of all conversations for the admin.


I don’t still get it, can you please share something like that for me to look and understand better

I got you @Presh just had to finish it up :sunglasses:

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