Airtable, Create record, Link to screen - empty data


I do a simple actions:

  • go to the screen to add a new Guest
  • Add new Guest ( the data is successfully added to the AirTable )
  • Link to Guest Details screen

But on Details screen have no data

in Actions List, after Create, I have options to choose New Guest and select fields, to some next action, for example send data of new Guest to email/sms/webhook, but data is always empty

on Details screen in Available Data > Linked Data i see Current Guest, but data also empty

The external collection is configured as in the instructions ( Adalo Help ) with standart Endpoints

PS If I do the same only with the internal Adalo database then everything works as it should

PPS yes, cutom action with default airtable create endpoint returned data, but didn’t show on next screen

Can you tell me what the problem might be?
thank you

the problem is sloved

from AirTable API

Your request body should include an array of up to 10 record objects. Each of these objects should have one key, fields , which contains all of your record’s cell values by field name. You can include all, some, or none of the field values.


You can also include a single record object at the top level.

in Adalo Result Key in Create should be Empty

In Airtable there are some very specific features needed to ensure your test will be successful. In the GET ALL endpoint accordion you will need to use the word records as your Results Key. ( Note : for some APIs there is not a Results Key and this can be left empty, for others there may be a different key word. You can see in the middle image below where to find the Results Key.)

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