Airtable database

Hi all,

Is it possible to simply host the database on Airtable but update user records on Adalo database?
I have a 300,000+ postcodes , some 20,000 regions and 4 countries, all hosted on Adalo. When a user signs up, the ‘update’ location page is pretty slow.
I was wondering if I can host the location database in Airtable and update the users in Adalo with location details pulled from Airtable. I will have a form of drop down boxes in my app and the location needs to be pulled from Airtable, but the update in Adalo will contain only the pulled record, not everything else.

Is that do-able?

Many thanks

Main issue is airtable rate limits to 5 calls per second. Which is not much.

If you exceed that it jams… for 30 seconds!!

I started building with airtable but quickly realized this wouldn’t fly. I was jamming it up in testing! With 2 users.

I’d pick something else.

thanks @scriptchool. Any recommendations for alternatives?