Building a huge database

Hello folks,
I’ve recently started building an app on adalo and just joined this forum. I have a question on databases.
My app is a location based service which means users can connect based on location and find services based on location too.
I’ve already built up a database of UK postcodes to identify user locations. The db is hosted on adalo. There is a lot more that needs to go in to the db. So Now I realise its scale.

Would it be a better idea to keep building the db inside adalo or host it outside like on airtable or firebase? Building it inside adalo seems to be slowing it down a touch.

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It will probably be easier to implement the functionality for your app if the database is inside of Adalo.

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Thanks @Ben. Should I be concerned that the app has slowed down even while testing as a PWA? I mean, won’t it be even slower for the users with a massive database behind it aiding functionality? Is there anything I can do to ensure my users won’t have to deal with a slow app…apart from of course buying more space?

@arun can you share a screen recording of the behavior you’re seeing?

@Arun it could be happening if you’re displaying all of the postal codes within the app in a list. If you want better app performance when doing this, it is recommended to use the custom list, and enable the pagination functionality. You can find that here (inside the advanced options in Custom List):

@Ben will send the video shortly.

@jeremy I used a form field and added 3 drop down boxes. First is country (England, Scotland etc), second is region (Bath, Bristol, Liverpool etc) and finally third was the postcode. The second drop down is filtered on the first and the third is filtered on the second. The postcode needs to be recorded in the ‘user’ db too as other services are connected to the postcode.

@Ben, I can’t seem to be able to upload a video as a reply to this post. I can only upload images (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif & .png). Apologies for being too thick about this, but could you tell me how I can upload a video?

@Arun You can upload the video on YouTube/Google drive and make/share a link. I think this the current solution

Thanks @ahmedferdaus. Will do that.

Here you go @Ben

For next time use loom for video sharing
Lite & easy to use

By the way for this, I think you should use custom form & make it visible if previous input is not empty. I hope it will preload the list. It may work for you.

@ishantanusrivastava Thanks chum. Will try to use loom next time . Never used it previously.
Also, for the location page, I used custom form and converted the boxes into dropdowns. Input was filtered by previous entries. So if a user choose Scotland, only Scottish regions are shown and postcodes are filtered by Scottish regions.

That’s great but I’m talking about visibility not filter. Set it from Always available to will be visible if previous item is not empty. This may help to preload the list but I’m not sure coz not tried yet.