All my data base user is empty I was not even working on it

I just check the command of my marketplace and just saw all my users are gone.
There is just a user
Is this a hack or what ?

Everything is fine for me when I try to look at the users collection. This might be a bug.

Please submit a support ticket.

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Thank you I did it already but so scared as without users all my eShops can’t work :frowning:

Hi @Fafa wow, so sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation. Hopefully Adalo team will help you asap. Do you or anybody else happen to know if this is a frequent occurrence? I’m new to Adalo and excited about the possibilities but want to have contingency plans for these types of issues.

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Hi Synthslave,

Just to be clear—this issue is probably one of those one-off-apps where it’s only for one person.

In my experience, Adalo is very reliable with situations like this if they do happen. I would also check the Adalo status page when a outage happens so that you can get real-time updates.


Thanks for sharing your experience @James_App_Maker Feel much better hearing that. I’ll bookmark that link for future reference.

Thanks for all your help and time!

They are fixing the issue. Maybe just few hours, good that it’s the night here in Europe, I hope all will be fixed before morning. This is super scary but thank you Adalo support for the fast reaction.

9am in Europe and still no data base back, this drives me sick. How someone can just delete a user database like this? Is it better to put our data out of Adalo ?

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Seeing the Adalo status, I see we are still on Heroku? Wasn’t the plan to move the platform to AWS? Thanks.

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I think it still the plan to merge to aws to hope a better speed

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New user question: Is it possible to work with external databases such as Airtable/Backendless or even Google sheets to avoid this situation? I hope you can get your problem solved quickly @Fafa


Yes you can work with these as a back end.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone say a collection disappeared though, I’ve never had this happen.

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Thanks @theadaloguy for the heads up. Would you happen to know if there are any performance issues with using any of them vs the default one? Also, this might be complicating things but can we export the data from default database to an external one as a backup (maybe even automate it?) to connect to in case a situation like this ever occurs again? So far I’m loving the features of Adalo but need a contingency plan to feel confident that the service I’m working on won’t experience any interruptions.

Yeah I was mainly making the point that this isn’t a usual occurence, so I hope Adalo have a look at Fafa’s ticket and sort the issue. I’ve heard of data seeming to disappear but it was a glitch and it was there 30 mins later, but that’s all. So first, don’t panic :slight_smile:

But yes you can automatically be backing up all the data with custom actions, or by using an external database in addition to the Adalo database.

External DB isn’t quicker as far as I know, and also can lack some of the relationship features you can use on the internal DB. There are some advantages though, there are a few threads discussing internal vs external DB if you search the forums.

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Thanks again @theadaloguy Ill research those threads. Much appreciated

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Thank you but I don’t panic for nothing. It took 24 long hours but they fixed the problem and told that will not happen again. They were looking for the stripe issue and did a mistake.
I will have a look soon to the threads you are talking about, thank you :wink: