All the data in the database collection has suddenly disappeared

All the data in the database collection has suddenly disappeared.

This is a horrible bug.

Does this happen in your app too?

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Yes. this just happened to me. I opened a ticket.

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Same here. I just launched my app, and then this happens. Very embarrassing.


oh man, sorry to hear. I have yet to launch, but I guess now i know that i need to create db backups soon than later.


:expressionless: same…hope they find a fix to this soon…

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Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience last night! Are you still facing these issues? I just replied to any tickets that came over night, but I’m not seeing any issues in the apps linked, so I need to determine if we need to bring some engineers in, as the team is generally offline on the weekend.

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Like buttons do not work in adalo app preview. When I log into the application with a qr code from the phone, the like buttons work without any problems. but it doesn’t work with your preview either

The like buttons on the link I posted don’t work. Likes are working when previewing with qr code


I just tested that app, and all like buttons work for me.

I see that you sent in two tickets about this within ~2 hours. We’ll work in those tickets when the team is online to help solve your issue. This is off topic of this post.


yes, the like buttons work when we test the application on the phone. but when we preview on the computer, the like buttons do not work, can you help? I wish you good work


that link is pointing to your pc that does not work. You need to upload it to youtube or other video services. Or dropbox, google drive.


I haven’t experienced this issue myself. If you have a paid plan, it may be worth checking if you can see any data in your collection via the Adalo API: Collections - Adalo Resources.
If you can see your data using the API then it could be a problem in the Adalo component trying to display the collection…which wouldn’t be as horrendous as the underlying data being zapped!

Good luck creating a backup database.

I have been trying to clone my information for over a month now but cannot because my database is too large apparently. I brought this to Adalo’s attention multiple times; they tell me that they are working on it, but no solution has been implemented.

I had an opportunity to make a few thousand dollars recently by cloning and rebranding what I have built. I shared with Adalo that the inability to clone my app/database caused me to miss out on this opportunity. So far, my message went unanswered.

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