Almost done, please help

App’s done but there three problems.

  1. Request notifications aren’t sending
  2. There’s no deep link but it’s a fundamentation of my app, I very need it.
  3. Two or more digital purchase buttons don’t work correctly on one screen.

Anyone who has similar problems and found a solution for them, please help!
I believe in your responsiveness.

Hi Ossa,

  1. Are you testing this natively? i.e., on testflight?
  2. Adalo doesn’t have deep links. You can vote/comment/follow that here - Deep Links | Voters | Adalo. There are a lot of work arounds for this though. What are you trying to do?
  3. you should probably put the digital purchase buttons on a modal (maybe use a slide up tray)

Hi, Erik!

  1. I test it in apk in my phone, digital purchase test is working.
  2. I’ve heard about this, but I’m surprised why such a necessary thing for promotion has not yet been implemented. And I thought that someone had found a solution.
  3. I am using modal screens. And for some unknown reason, it links to the wrong screen. As I said, there are 2 buttons on the buy screen. Each leads to its own modal screen, where the user is updated.
    Logically, button 1 should lead to the Success1 screen, and button 2 to the Success2 screen. The links are correct, but still button 2 leads to the wrong modal screen. Slide up tray I’ve not used, so will try.
    I thought maybe someone had a similar problem. What is the solution? I have already tried many options, the whole difficulty is that until I do the build, I cannot check it …
  1. I found one way to deal with this. I moved the purchase buttons to different screens. Sure, this bloated the interface with additional transitions, but now it works.

Deep links are really difficult and Adalo needs to fundamentally change how apps are structured to launch it…

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