Links not working in Adalo

So I have a lot of Modal Links not working in my app all of a sudden. I submitted a ticket. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi Bill,

I’ve not been able to recreate the issue on my side. Could you give more details?

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I can recreate it on all of my apps anywhere there is a form that submits and then links out of it… How would you like me to send you a video?

Bill Leavitt

Here is a video showing the issue and recreating it.

Did you set the screen transition to “modal” or “float up”?

screen transition is set to Modal. That button is push because I was testing different transitions to see if that was the issue.

So what’s the issue about?

What is supposed to happen is when you click Create Service it should create the service and then bring up a Modal that allows you to choose frequency, go through a flow process to schedule the service. This has worked perfectly fine until this morning, and now no links within a form submit button actually go anywhere. They update or create but can not link…

The button below is to show that it does load the modal when not in a form submit button.

What you see here is that the link is correctly there but the actual press of the button does not link the Modal in the actions.

at 56 seconds it should go to the modal. At 1:16 I am showing that the link is present and not working.

So this only applies to existing links in a form in an app. I was able to create a new form and it works fine. But all existing forms do not work…

Here are the new tests

another video showing that the links just do not work. I would have to go through all 25 of my apps and change every single form. Has anyone checked their own apps for this?

OK really weird, everyone is going to think I am nuts. But after I deleted the new form the page started to work again.The forms are now linking they are supposed to be.


Hey William,

I do not believe there is a bug here on Adalo side. It looks like there is something happening on the ‘create’ or ‘update’ button that is breaking the logic before the ‘link’ button is being activated. Perhaps you changed something in your database structure that’s having a cascade?

I would clone the app and a/b test deleting and reconstructing the ‘create’ and ‘update’ logic and see if that solves anything.

Let me know if that works,


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