Alsatian Style Apple Tart! Help me understand importing this semi-complicated table reference system from AirTable to Adalo. Pic included

Okay so I have a pretty deep database that I setup at Airtable for my project, but after finding Adalo and understanding the limitations between Adalo and Airtable, I’m opting to rebuild it all in Adalo’s datastore.

I tried to use some basic database design when making it (even though I have no idea what I’m doing really!!)… So for example, at this recipe site I have tables as such:

Recipe Meta - For things like Recipe Name, # of servings, Yield, Estimated Time to Cook, and lots of reference fields

Line Items - Each ingredient line item of a recipe, so if the recipe starts with “2 Egg Yolks” then that’s a “Line Item”. I’ve included an image of this one to get some help understanding here.

Other things get their own tables too… Like for example I have a Units table where I list things like “lb” and “kg” and their aliases etc. I have tables for Cookbooks, Actions (slice, dice, tear, etc), Authors, Dish Types, Cuisines, Ingredient Photos, etc.

I feel like it’s overkill doing it this way when I do it in Adalo, but if I were coding this and trying to make it right this is how I’d do it, so I’m trying the complex route within Adalo too.

Couple questions!!

  1. You can see in the image for Alsatian Style Apple Tart, I have a reference for Recipe to record what recipe the line item belongs to and also a reference for “Nested Recipe” as many recipes have line items that are other complete recipes. So in this Tart recipe example, the cookbook calls for either a frozen pie shell OR to make the “Baked Tart Shell” recipe too, which has its own set of ingredients.

Do I just make a second reference in Adalo, just like I would at Airtable for Nested Recipes? Is there any problem with having multiple references to the same table? Or am I doing it the wrong way?

  1. I have a field called “Weighting” that lets me record what order the ingredients appeared in the original recipe, so that I can list them the same way.

So 1.0 is the first line item, 2.0 the second, etc. You can see for this tart recipe that the Frozen Pie Shell is 2.0, and the Baked Tart Shell is 2.1… So this was my way of keeping them together and also telling my system that this is a one or the other type thing. You don’t need both. Is that a good way to do it as far as Adalo is concerned?

  1. When I build my recipe page, I’m going to need to present my users with the option of choosing Frozen Pie Shell or making their own Baked Tart Shell, which affects the price. What’s the best way to do that from the user’s side?

Phew, that was a lot to take in :slight_smile:

I will do my best to answer these questions but usually the best way to determine these things is to test it yourself and then I can help to troubleshoot specific problems.

  1. Yes you can make as many references to any collection as needed.

  2. If this is being used for sorting a list then this should work just fine

  3. There are 2 ways to do this. You could send them to a new screen that loads in the choice they made. Or you can have both on the same page and hide one with visibility conditions based on the choice the user makes. (Personally, I would suggest the first method).

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