An error occurred when calling Get All for Xano

Well thank you, I understand. :thinking:
I chose the easy way. After setting according to Xano profile.mp4 and do not display the list.

I think you are Logged in but didn’t got the user id. Try again to Login? When I Login in my app also I get the user id as empty. I’m checking still. Maybe @JL_LJ knows about this?

Saw the video now, so you are using the External Auth, did you expose and setup the user ID in the Auth/login endpoint?

By default XANO only exposes the authToken in the response body

You need to add the response with id also

And then add in the Adalo config, for the external users.

yes, I have.

Have you tried testing if the ID appears in an input text field? I just tested on my side, and it works fine. Check if ID shows in the input.

Also as a note, if you are already adding the fiter_id associated to the external user logged in id when creating the collection, you don’t need to add that filter again when adding the list in the screen, it will already be done automatically.

It’s weird! The id is empty in the response. When seting-up the external users it received but after preview the app and login the id is empty but the auth token is received.

On the External Login action I click on the pencil icon to see if that gets the same result and unfortunately it’s the same result.

See here :


but the full response have the id :


This doesn’t happen in the past for me! I’m no sure what is the issue. Did you experienced a issue like this?

Great! Thanks @JL_LJ! Learned a new thing today!

I think the problem is solved. Thanks to all of you. :slight_smile:


@dilon_perera , here you are using the Custom action correct? The user id is exposed in the auth/login? I tested mine via custom action and I get ok results:


Maybe try to delete the Id magic text and add again and run the request.

This is what I had to add in XANO:

But if external users have this id in the response, the xano should also have, which is really weird. Maybe Adalo issue?

Thanks @JL_LJ for your support!

I’m with my phone now due to this everyday power cut in Sri Lanka! I will check this when it’s back!

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No worries, I made some more tests, and I see there are a couple more bugs around External Users around lists.I will report this to Adalo.

Let me know later on if you succeeded. Cheers.


I think it’s better to create a separately API.

For organization of your work definitely yes, if you need the original GET endpoint that returns all the users, that is best practice.
You can create all endpoints needed for your purpose :slight_smile: . Just don’t forget, if you don’t secure the API, it will be publicly exposed.

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